California Law Concierge (SM)* Service:  If the Law Office of Jonas M. Grant is unable to handle your legal issue, lawsuit, or case, we will make reasonable efforts at no cost to you to find an appropriate California attorney or law firm that will handle your matter.  Most of the time we can help, occassionally, we can't.

Often, our superior knowledge of attorneys and of the law can assist you in determining what kind of attorney or firm you need, who among the available alternatives is best suited for you, and possibly also lower your overall legal fees.  Chances are, you need a lawyer only occasionally and aren't experienced in selecting one, or knowledgeable about the fees you should expect; we are, and we apply that information advantage on your behalf.

There's no risk or obligation and no up-front or additional fees with our California legal concierge lawyer referral service.

So what's the "catch"?  We hope that by coming to us first, you will select us to provide the affordable legal services we offer, and that our referrals to other attorneys with practice areas different from ours will result in reciprocal referrals to us in the future when those lawyers have a client with legal needs outside their areas of expertise, or one they don't have the "bandwidth" to take on at that time.  In some instances, we also arrange a referral fee with your new attorney - in accordance with the ethical rules of the State Bar of California, any such fees will be spelled out in writing, explained to you in advance, and will not increase the hourly rate or total fee charged for your representation.

Referrals to local accountants, real estate agents, residential mortgage loan brokers, insurance agents, bond companies, and contractors are also available.