Registered Agent Service in All 50 States: California, Nevada, More.

California & Nevada registered agent for service of process:

Click here to sign up immediately (scroll to bottom of page).  Cost is $150 per year, with or without other legal services.

Resident agent service is available in all 50 states in conjunction with a trusted partner company.

An agent of service of process or "registered agent" is required for all California corporations, LLCs, limited partnerships, and limited liability partnerships; and for foreign corporations, LLCs, and LPs registered to transact business in California.  The registered agent is the person designated by the entity to receive service of process - that is, to receive the summons and complaint (notice to the defendant of a lawsuit) - when served by the plaintiff(s) or their process server in order to notify a corporation or LLC that a lawsuit has been initiated against it.  Because corporations and LLCs are legal entities, they can sue and be sued, but natural persons must act on their behalf when prosecuting or defending a lawsuit.

Many owners of small California corporations and California LLCs designate themselves as their company's registered agent.  Doing so is perfectly acceptable, but those serving should be aware that the name and street address of the agent for service of process is a public record, open to all (as is the corporation's principal office address).  One can also designate a friend or business associate to serve, but that person must agree to serve as the California registered agent, must reside in California, and should not overly concerned about their privacy (i.e., not in the public eye, and without a history with stalkers or similar unwanted personal attention).  The registered agent selected should also be diligent and reliable, as the failure to notify the corporation's officers - or the LLC's members or managers - of the fact that process has been served on the corporation or LLC, may result in a default judgment being entered against the entity or other adverse legal consequences.

Why choose a lawyer to serve as your corporation or LLC's California agent for service of process? When provided along with other legal services, an attorney-client relationship is in place and thus a creditor or plaintiff is almost certainly not going to be able to subpoena any corporate records or information we have in our possession; such corporate records and communications are protected by the attorney-client privilege.  No such privilege applies to standard non-law firm California registered agent services, which generally charge a similar annual fee, or to friends or colleagues serving as a registered agent.  Furthermore, we know how to handle service of process in a timely and professional manner: we'll notify you promptly and will not disclose to any third party any confidential information about you or your corporation/LLC.  We may even be able to recommend the next steps to take in defending your rights, handle your litigation matter, or refer you to an attorney who can, something larger commercial resident agent services will not do, or will not likely do very well.  Finally, some financial institutions and government agencies may require a professional registered agent.

In addition to statutory resident agent for California corporations, LLCs, and other entities, registered agent services for private contracts, loan agreements, and regulatory reasons are also available, typically on the same terms.  Registered agent service is also offered as part of the more comprehensive California Corporate Counsel Program.

Contact us today to have us serve as your California agent for service of process for your new or existing corporation, LLC, or other business entity.  To sign up now, complete the below agreement and return by mail with a check or money order, or by fax or scan/email, with payment to immediately follow via mail or credit card.  All applications are subject to approval; you will be contacted to confirm your approval (or, if approval is denied for any reason, your payment will be promptly returned or refunded):

Note that I have no responsibility for notifying you of any process served if you have not retained me as your resident agent; any such service of process is disposed of and therefore you may not, and it is not in your interests to, list this law firm as your resident agent without prior approval and the payment of resident agent fees.

Nevada resident agent service is also available at $150 per year, as is service in any of the 50 states plus the District of Columbia.  Inquire for an application.  Discounts may apply for multistate service, where service in three or more states or for more than one business entity is required.

Process servers:  If you are attempting to serve one of my clients, please contact me by telephone to confirm my resident agent status and to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet.

Terms of service:  By appointing Law Office of Jonas M. Grant, A Professional Corporation, Jonas M. Grant, or any comparable designation as your resident agent without prior consent and payment, you agree to liquidated damages of triple the standard rate, minimum of $450 per year or fraction thereof, and irrevocably waive any claim to damages for nonreceipt or delay of any process served or not served as a result, and acknowledge that I may submit my resignation to the state without notice to you.  For additional terms, please refer to the terms of use of this site and your resident agent agreement, as well as those in your retainer agreement, if any.

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