Trademark Maintenance

After trademark registration, it is important to maintain your trademark.

In order to preserve your legal rights in your trademark or service mark, you must take reasonable measures to "police" the mark.  For example, if you are aware of infringement, you should consider sending a cease-and-desist letter to the infringer, or even filing suit if necessary.  We offer a trademark monitoring service to assist with identifying potentially infringing marks before they register, so you can file a Trademark Office opposition proceeding, or a TTAB cancellation proceeding, as appropriate.

If there are ownership changes, you need to formally assign and record the change of ownership with the USPTO.  Or, in some circumstances, draft and implement a trademark license agreement instead.

If there are changes to the mark, replacement or additional registrations may be required.  A trademark is not a replacement for a fictitious business name, which may also be required depending on the use of the mark.

After registration - whether obtained here or elsewhere - we recommend our trademark maintenance program to ensure you mark is properly maintained and timely renewal filings are made, included in the maintenance package flat fee.  Available for both USPTO and state-registered marks.

U.S. Federal Trademark Maintenance Program Flyer
California Trademark Maintenance Program Flyer

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