California Employer Workplace Postings

All California employers are required to post at least some work place posters, the purpose of which is to ensure that employees are readily advising of their rights and other important information, such as the applicable minimum wage; the days of the month paychecks are paid by the employer; unemployment, disability, and paid family leave information; safety regulations and injury procedures; and emergency contact phone numbers.

Employers in certain industries, who use hazardous materials or equipment, or who employ more than specified numbers of employees may have additional posting requirements.

These posters are to be put up in a break room or other similar place, where employees can easily view them during the work day.

The current California workplace postings can be found here: California Department of Industrial Relations.

Additional federal, state, or local postings may be required of some employers, such as the U.S. Department of Labor federal minimum wage, "Equal Opportunity is the Law", and Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) posters.

Other forms and pamphlets may also need to be provided to new hires, or in certain situations.  For example, a California EDD unemployment insurance pamphlet and other notifications must be provided by the employer upon the termination of an employee.

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