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Employment and labor law practiced by the law firm emphasizes a preemptive approach to employer-employee issues.  California employers face a dizzying array of laws many of which are written to favor employee rights.  Many employers don't realize the mistakes they are making until a problem arises. Employers who spend the time and money up-front with us to develop appropriate forms, procedures, policies, and to adopt and regularly update application forms, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, and employee manuals will generally find themselves with fewer employee and independent contractor problems.  And, if such problems do arise, the employer should be in a better position to defend any complaint or lawsuit, and - in most cases - not in front of a jury composed mostly of employees.

Employment law services offered include the review, revision, drafting, and negotiation of the following for California businesses:

  • Employment agreements for hourly workers through executive employees; re-usable contract templates where appropriate
  • Employee handbooks
  • Employment applications
  • Independent contractor agreements and reusable contract templates, for independent contractors / freelancers and for companies that utilize independent contractors
  • Non-solicitation, non-disclosure, and "non-compete agreements" (true noncompetes are not enforceable in California under most circumstances, but there are exceptions that may apply, as well as certain legal strategies that can be used to provide some of the same benefits and protect confidential information and trade secrets even when there is no applicable exception)
  • Employee stock option plans and incentive compensation agreements
  • Profit sharing plans and LLC profits interests plans (a/k/a synthetic equity plans)

Except in the case of independent contractors (small businesses unto themselves), or reviewing proposed employment agreements, we generally do not represent employees who believe they have been wronged by their employers, but can often provide one or more referrals to attorneys who can assist you.

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