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Whether you seek to incorporate in California or Nevada for limited liability protection, for potential self-employment tax savings and fringe benefits, to minimize your chances of an IRS audit, for prestige and business continuity, to issue stock or stock options to key employees, or to formalize your dealings with business partners or investors...

"S" and "C" corporations incorporated in California or Nevada by licensed California/Nevada attorney with an MBA in Finance, at rates affordable to start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small business.  Every full-service incorporation includes a consultation to determine the best business entity type and state of incorporation for you and your business, along with customized Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws that meet your individual needs.  All of your questions and concerns will be addressed, and assistance with the IRS' S-corp election and EIN application forms will be provided, if needed.  In short, we are not an incorporation mill cranking out incorporations in assembly-line fashion; rather, we provide personal service and attention to each incorporation client.  Unlike either online incorporation services or larger law firms, all aspects of all incorporations are handled personally by the firm's principal attorney, so that your corporation is formed correctly.

The flat fee for a simple, one-owner California small business incorporation, on a full-service basis, starts at $2,000, inclusive of standard filing fees and costs.  In multi-owner situations, the flat fee starts at $2,500, inclusive of standard filing fees and costs; however, in certain situations, an increased flat fee rate or my $400+ hourly rate may apply.  Nevada corporations are typically $650 more, due to increased Nevada filing fees versus California's (e.g., the state business license is $0 - nonexistent - in California, and $500 in Nevada; the filing fee for the initial annual list of officers and directors is $25 in California, but $150 in Nevada).  If you are unsure, a brief free initial consultation will help to determine whether you fall into this category.  For purposes of fee calculation, married couples and registered domestic partners are counted as only one owner.

'You mean some people try to do all this themselves!?' - A comment made by more than one client at the end of our full-service incorporation process

Full service flat-fee incorporations at the rates quoted above do not include corporate maintenance or resolutions/minutes for board of directors or shareholders meetings beyond the organizational meeting; pre-incorporation, buy-sell, shareholders, stock option, loan-out, or indemnification agreements (although basic indemnification and shareholder buyout provisions are generally included in the Articles and Bylaws, which are sufficient for most clients' needs); California resident agent service; California registration of foreign corporations; or deluxe corporate minute books, all of which are available as add-ons to an incorporation at additional cost, or on a stand-alone basis.  A basic medical reimbursement plans for C corporations is included.

Professional corporations with one professional owner are generally $2,500+; multi-shareholder professional corporations are generally $3,000 and up.

California and Nevada Nonprofit Corporation legal services are also available; click on the link to learn more.

Need to incorporate fast?  Rush California or Nevada incorporation services are available, start to finish in approximately 1-2 weeks versus the standard incorporation timeline average of 3-4 weeks; an additional $250 expedited service charge applies in most instances.  Or for the fastest possible corporate startup, consider an already formed, ready-to-use California or Nevada shelf corporation or shelf LLC.  It is important to consider at the outset whether time is of the essence in incorporating your corporation; once the Articles are filed with the Secretary of State for regular processing, the process cannot generally be expedited retroactively.

Nevada Incorporation also available, generally at flat fees comparable to those listed above, plus a $650 surcharge to account for Nevada's state business license ($500), if applicable, and initial list of officers and directors ($150).  A California or Nevada foreign corporation registration, if required, for businesses organized in one state but doing business in one or more other states, is at additional cost. 

Maintenance and Annual Meetings - Starting at $400; inquire with details.  Regular shareholders and directors meetings and elections of directors and officers are essential to maintaining your corporation's legal status and, by avoiding a court piercing the corporate veil, its limited liability protection.  Our California Corporate Counsel ProgramSM ensures the proper legal maintenance of your corporation or LLC.

Dissolutions: Dissolve your inactive or suspended California corporation.  Flat fees start at $495 inclusive of standard costs for dissolving a corporation in good standing; inquire with details on your situation to determine if this rate applies to you.  Dissolution or revival (restoring to good standing) of suspended corporations is generally handled on an hourly rate basis.

Attorney-client privileged California registered agent service with or without other services is $150 per year.  Our California Corporate Counsel ProgramSM and Nevada Corporate Counsel Program corporate maintenance programs include agent for service of process service, along with annual and special meeting minutes and resolutions, prepaid filing of required Secretary of State filings, and reasonable telephone and email consultations regarding corporate maintenance matters.

A brief initial consultation via email or telephone is always without charge or obligation.  All business incorporation services may be handled entirely online, or by phone.  Post-incorporation, we can assist with other small business legal services and employment law and intellectual property law needs.

Additional information is available for potential overseas incorporation clients, U.S. investor visa applicants, and other foreign nationals.

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